In these watercolour and ink paintings you see abstract winter landscapes that try to address particular concerns around climate change. The artist searched for the essence of a winter feeling, not necessarily embodied in a visual representation (colors, form, etc.) but equally embodied in the methods used to paint and the material aspects of the painting. Searching for a winter feeling embodied in the facticity of the painting. The artist paints with various chemical reactions. Trying to give chemistry an artistic goal rather then a scientific goal.


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When you look to snowflakes under a microscope you see these beautiful microscopical structures. It is interesting to see how similar these structures are to the structures we find in these paintings. The details in these paintings are in some way the larger version of these microstructures that we find in snowflakes. So it is actually possible to give some sort of frozen character to the winter-landscapes. In this way the viewer can actually feel the winter through these structures and not (only) through the visual appearance of the painting.


In most winterscapes artists limit themselves to symbols of winter. Traditional visual elements in the painting that are linked to the winter (bold trees, snow, cold colors etc.), but these figurations are bounded to the human perception of winter. Dries tried to provide a different perspective. The structures in the paintings and the static character that result from them is not (only) bound to the human perception. It’s a more universal and an objective interpretation of the winter. With or without trees, humans, stones, etc. these crystal structures will still be there whenever a winter appears. They are an essential part of winter an eternal part if you want.


These abstract winter landscapes require a particular atmosphere. For some winter-scenes (some particular chemical components) it is actually essential to paint it during a colder period of time. During the winter because during the summer it is simply impossible to paint these paintings.



PS: This style of painting is very dangerous, don't try this without the essential knowledge. Further it has to bee said that the methods needed to paint these paintings are protected with patents.